GD Group is committed to ensuring corporate compliance and to conducting business with integrity, honesty and fairness, with respect for the law and our values. 
GD Group voluntarily applies the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). The Board members and the Supervisory Board have committed to the sole shareholder that they will give substance to the Corporate Governance Structure and that they will comply with the Code. The voluntary application means that the Code can be tailored to the character of GD Group. Any deviations from the Code will be supported by a sound rationale for the benefit of whole group. 


GD Group is committed to animal health and we want to do so in a sustainable and socially responsible way. This is also mandatory according to the new European CSRD directive (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). GD Group is committed to understanding animal health and welfare for the benefit of society. Learn about our sustainable initiatives

Speak up policy

Our Speak Up policy has been put in place to ensure any concerns raised regarding misconduct or improper state of affairs or circumstances relating to the activities of GD Group and/or its subsidiaries are handled effectively, securely and appropriately. To our Speak Up policy

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