As a dynamic organization, we build a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries that contribute to our overall success. Each subsidiary represents a unique and specialized entity within our corporate ecosystem, driving innovation, delivering exceptional products and services, and forging strategic partnerships in our industry. In this overview of our subsidiaries you'll find the key highlights our subsidiaries and a link to their corporate websites.


Royal GD

Since its foundation in 1919 when Dutch farmers and dairy organisations joined forces to combat animal diseases, Royal GD has focused on animal health. Today the company is a leading organisation in animal health. With our state-of-the-art veterinary laboratories and research facilities and with our veterinary knowledge and expertise Royal GD supports customers worldwide. The company offers high quality and independent consultancy, contract research and animal health programmes. 



VHL Genetics

By applying the latest DNA technologies, VHLGenetics has experienced exponential growth since 1993. Their experienced laboratories offer more than 1000 routine DNA tests for animals, plants and microorganisms. The number of DNA tests is regularly expanded due to the latest developments in this field. They have clients worldwide, in particular from Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia. These clients vary from individual individuals to large organisations. In addition, the company is regularly involved in forensic investigations.

VHLGenetics DNA testing is performed at three laboratories. They are based in Europe, with head office in Wageningen (the Netherlands). The DNA tests are performed under various accreditations, certifications and memberships of organizations such as ICAR and ISAG. The specialized local distributors provide worldwide DNA services with excellent local service. Offering a wide range of genetic tests for farm animals cattle, pigs, sheep/goats, birds, llama/alpaca. A number of types of identification tests are also available for food safety.




Anymal, founded in 2020, provides a clear registration of hobby- and companion animals and associated events. At home, on the way or at the veterinarian? With the Anymal app animal owners always have all data of their hobby animals available at hand’s reach. A flawlessly working app, anytime, anywhere.




Agrobiogen, part of GD Group since 2022, was founded in 1997 and by veterinarian Prof. dr. Gottfried Brem. The Germany based organisation strives to be your competent partner for the molecular genetic analysis of livestock including individual animals as well as entire populations. In addition, its portfolio includes the detection of infectious diseases in a variety of species. Based on our customer-focused approach plus many years of experience Agribiogen is able to provide you highly reliable and cost-efficient laboratory results with short processing times.




Nexttec based in Germany produces and markets innovative DNA extraction kits internationally and has a branch in the US. Nexttec offers a unique, 1-Step DNA extraction system. From sample lysis to purified DNA in just four minutes. This 1-Step purification system delivers simplicity, speed, high throughput and high quality with a minimal initial investment. Nexttec has more than ten years of experience. It’s DNA extraction system is being used by clients ranging from research labs handling individual samples to high throughput service labs. Nexttec became part of GD Group in 2022.




Xenogenetik is specialise in molecular genetic research and veterinary diagnostics. Which includes: Parentage analyses and identity protection using genetic fingerprints, genotyping in the context of marker-assisted animal breeding.



GD Labnet

In 2020 GD Labnet was founded, this company carries out trichinella diagnostics at a number of slaughterhouses throughout the Netherlands.



Animal Health Laboratories

AHLAnimal Health Laboratories was established in 2012 in the County Cork, Ireland. They offer an extensive range of laboratory services to large animal and equine vets, industrial stakeholders and farmers. They also offer advice on disease testing and herd health issues. 

Accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board to carry out BVD, IBR and Johnes testing in compliance with ISO 17025 and are participating in the Animal Health Ireland National BVD, Johnes, BEEP, Sheep and IBR Schemes. 

Approved for CEM testing in thoroughbred mares and they provide culture and sensitivity testing for AHI cell check and mastitis programmes, industry and private customers. 



Veterinary Parasitological Laboratory

Veterinary Parasitological Laboratory ‘Het Woud’ founded in 2008 is the only veterinary laboratory in the Netherlands that is fully specialized in the diagnosis and control of gastrointestinal worms. Het Woud joined GD Group in 2022. The main activity is giving worm control advice based on worm egg counts in the faeces of animals. The company focus on horses, sheep, dogs, cats and chickens. It is precisely these species that have the most problems with gastrointestinal worms.


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